A bigger and better service to supply the
auto-electrical and diesel industry's diverse needs

Leyland Auto has always been seen as a leading light for commercial vehicle auto-electrics in the UK. But now, by becoming part of the Wood Auto Group, its reputation has been considerably enhanced. Wood Auto has over seventy-five years experience as a manufacturer and distributor for the auto-electrical industry. Leyland Auto has a history of serving similar markets for commercial vehicles but is also widely experienced in the supply of diesel fuel-injection services. With the acquisition of Leyland Auto by Wood Auto, these two leading names have come together to offer an unrivalled resource for the supply of virtually every aspect of the auto-electrical and diesel market.


Still based in Preston, at the heart of the North West’s motorway network, we offer an unprecedented service to the PSV, CV, LCV, passenger car, rail, and marine markets throughout the UK.


The combined group now has over 140 employees and over 100,000ft2 of warehousing and operations covering over 50,000 different part numbers.

Highest standards across
the widest range

Leyland Auto provides products and services to over 3,000 commercial operators, from owner-drivers to national coach companies. We implement continuous business improvement programmes to ensure that our services are delivered to reliably high standards.
From batteries to brakes, from flashers to filters, we maintain consistently high stock availability and our A-Z of respected brands covers almost every supplier from Bosch to Webasto. Supported by friendly, informed advice and reliable overnight delivery services, the product offering from Leyland Auto is better now than it’s ever been.